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You do all 3 needle crafts at the same time? Sounds a bit like me... sewing, crochet and embroidery. I've named it "crafting" ADD. Also, at any given time, I could be working on other crafty projects the latest being flowers made from plates to place in the garden. Problem with doing all these things becomes a nightmare storing all the different supplies.


Emie: I am intrigued by your flowers made from plates to put in the garden! That sounds fabulous!!

Vicki in Michigan

Nice work, Chris, and Carol!

jacki long

Beautiful skies, Chris and a wonderful needlepoint Carol. Always something special!

Becky Haynes

Your needlepoint is just gorgeous, Carol. I would like to visit that island! Wishing you and Chris the Merriest Christmas!


Thanks Vicki, Jacki, and Becky!

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