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The St. Francis sitting by the chair from Aunt Alice's garage is everything to me.... we always, always had one and it moved with us from one home to the next. One of the constants among all the chaos. My 92 year old mom still has it in her yard. Memories......


In our house there's a discussion going on about the first picture here. The Why, the Who, the When of TRY WRITING CURSIVE.

I know it's a busy time but could you spare a moment to explain this, please. It's getting to us.

You've had snow and there are bright red birds in your garden. We have torrential rain and the birds are not at their brightest, colour-wise.

Happy Christmas preparations!


Chrissy: it was just a random bit of writing on a building downtown which is what made it so interesting. It wasn’t a specific business or advertising or anything. Just someone’s idea of a good thing to do. Which is why it was so great.

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