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Pamela G Michael

Love, love these pics! Where in California were you for art retreat? Did you stay at an Airbnb or where? I am looking for somewhere to spend my birthday this year (I turn 60).
My email is pnjmichael@gmail.com if you would rather share details there.
Thanks!! Pam

jacki long

Gorgeous photos indeed. What a wonderful way to start your day. Enjoy, though I don't think I need to add that?


Great photos and inspiration!


When I read your blog and Mary Ann's, it's such a relief! For a moment I can forget that there is conflict and sadness and bad choices in the world. It's hard to despair when there are all these beautiful scenes and hilarity and love. Time out, love it!


Thanks Chrissy. In my line of work I have experienced that sadness and joy often live side by side, in the same body.

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