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jacki long

I love Mr. Rogers and your perfect quote, someone who could "hear" what people needed underneath all the shields we throw up. Another wise soul.


We are looking forward to watching this at our house. Thanks for the write-up.


I wish I would have had a copy of that 2 weeks ago when my 11 year old daughter lost her beloved junior high principal suddenly. Helping her navigate that visitation was one of the most difficult things I have had to do. Watching her handle it and realize that sharing that time with all the other people who loved her and miss her was a balm for her broken heart was a good reminder that the instinct to shield our children from pain is unwise, impossible and ultimately detrimental.


Jenny: thank you for sharing this. I agree that being with others who have been through a hard loss and sharing in that sadness, having the opportunity to let it out is so helpful.

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