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I agree the day goes quickly making it hard to get the planned to do's, done.


The key lime pie recipe looks delicious. I'm going to give it a try soon. A local bakery here make a key lime pie and they put it in a ginger snap crust. It's different but not like the original. Your version sounds delicious and easy. Thanks!


Emie: I have used ginger snaps too and love that version as well. I also used to got to a place that had a “granola/graham” crust that was to die for.


J: I haven’t completely worked out if I am over ambitious, or if truly the pace of the day has speeded up. Either way, I still like to think about what I will do, when I know darn good and well I won’t get it all done. ❤️


we are in the late afternoons of our lives

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