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jacki long

I am indeed, you described it beautifully, Carol.

Leslie sowden

Getting better at appreciating the moment I'm in. And I just made a list of mostly enjoyable things to do today - organize stencils, block 4 shawls, bake potaoe chip cookies, coffee dye some papers - so it should be a good day.


Block 4 shawls!! Wow! Gosh I love a good shawl to throw on and off at all times of the year. Potato chip cookies? Eat 2 for me please.


No! Sprinkle poppies now! They benefit from a bit of freezing-epecially when they get wet first. February is the perfect time. I think you could do it even in the fall, but more seem to germinate when I wait till February. It's fast and will leave lots of time to both sit and think and accomplish.
It might feel even better to rub hour thumbs across a cup with no rabbits on it :-)




i wanna see the top NOW

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