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jacki long

Thanks, Carol! What a great shot! I would have been excited too! He clearly is checking you out. Thanks again for your blog and you!


what a beauty--the owl--not necessarily the guy on the scooterJ


Thanks Carol for your posts. Enjoying the small things such as owl sightings is important in challenging times. And, Thank you for your service and the support you get from Chris.

Vicki in Michigan

I follow a number of bird photographers on Instagram, and have learned to recognize a lot of owls. I think that's a barred owl. (I believe its call sounds like "who cooks for you!", just in case you hear it some time.)

Who cool, to see this individual up close and personal (typo -- I meant to say "how" but decided "who" was better!)!

We have lots of hawks in our neighborhood, but I haven't seen any owls. (I find it a lot harder to recognize hawks than owls. Alas.)

Linda Watson

Well, of course you ran around. Anyone with an ounce of sense would do that. Well, at least I would. Great shot, both the owl and the guy on the scooter. Thanks!


Ha! Janet I thought the guy on the scooter was pretty cute :-)


Thanks for reading Emie!


Vickie: thanks for the owl identification!
Jacki: I thought he was looking at me too....
Linda: glad to know I am not alone in my thinking :-)


I smiled and smiled at this lovely account.
We hear Little Owls at night in the trees by our house. It's strangely comforting but I've never seen one. Maybe I should get up and creep out to look. Long may owls call to each other.


Amen to that Chrissy. What would we do without birds? Stay well over there my friend.

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