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jacki long

thank you, Carol, well said.

Debbie J

Yes, I agree. I have plenty of books and craft projects, to keep me busy for a very long time! I'm staying home. No need to contribute to the spread of this, or any other disease.

Susan Bjerke

Agreed and thanks. I've read enough about how to self quarantine and protect and not enough about self-distancing while walking outside or enjoying fresh daffodils in strategic places.

Linda Watson

Yes. A simple, clear, "yes." Only thing I would add is to read good blogs. Like this one.

Linda Watson

And, need to add, leave a comment. Connect. Something I often do in my head, but forget to actually do.


Thanks Linda!


Debbie: I have similar plans on the sewing and knitting front!


Susan: solo walking outside is good medicine for me!

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