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Chris oliveira

Good luck with your redbud tree! Hope God gave it all her blessings!

jacki long

What a great Sunday Carol, you do life so well.


Wonderful post. Loved ALL of it! Thank You.


I was catching up on your blog posts yesterday and I want to thank you for your mention of the Mary Pipher article. After reading it I immediately downloaded "Women Rowing North" to the iPad. I can't stop reading it. Yay! Haven't had the TV on all day and my stress level is way down. You are a life saver. Now if the grocery store has all the ingredients for the Green Poke Cake I'll be all set.
Who need toilet paper?
HUGS, Gail


Gail: I am glad that article spoke to you as it did to me. Going to go look at Women Rowing North right NOW!

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