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Jennifer Pfanmiller

This is the best Carol:) Thank you. A necessary event is to start our days off with a smile. You were successful in helping me with that task with this post! Check...I can now carry on with my day.

Linda Watson

Wise,and useful advice, all of it. I would add, read Tall Tales in the morning with tea. Take care, Carol.

jacki long

Thanks, Carol. I agree with Linda, starting the day with you is a pleasure and attitude check.


Ah Jennifer I thank you and Nancy for sharing Marti with me... and really your entire amazing family. After social isolation time, will come pie time. Count on that!


Thank you Linda and Jacki!

Michele Perrin

I'm so glad I bought a bouquet before this all started. But avoid senior hours. I went during ours and the store was packed. I walked past the store later in the day and the parking lot was much lighter.


Carol... I so look forward to your daily feel good posts. I actually save them until I need a bit of an uplifting feeling. Definitely a bright spot in my day. Thanks so very much for your cheerful posts and for the wonderful, giving work you do daily. Healthcare workers are surely doing Gods work these days.

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