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Tulips just say Spring to me. They are one of the earlier flowers to bloom in Spring and they're only around for such a short time. They look especially lovely in a Mason jar vase!!!

Karen Schumacher

I call it Distant Socializing, for a more positive spin. And in the spirit of sheltering in place during April, may I encourage all of us to participate in National Letter Writing Month by sending out Snail Mail. Cards, postcards.... try using your most elegant stationery and VERY best cursive writing. (I've already started)
Be safe
Be calm
Breathe In
Breathe Out


Emie: I do love me a good mason jar vase!


Karen: letter writing and card sending - I love that idea.

jacki long

I'm with you Carol, I think we are all tender, or maybe a little bruised and everything goes straight to the heart? I love the "gift of tears".


What a nice way to think of this softness we have. I have tried to hide tears when reading or watching a touching moment on tv, thinking my family would be embarrassed (which they are sometimes) but now I don't. Carol, you helped me see how valuable crying is.

We have a series of ads on tv for a famous, trusted bank. Its logo is a black horse, always has been. They use very beautiful footage of black horses either protecting one another or running on a sulit beach. It never fails to move me. Bring on the tissues!

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