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Chris oliveira

Hoping you stay safe.

Linda Watson

I keep bouncing between "this will turn around," and waiting for that other shoe. Can't quite get my head wrapped around what is happening. Meanwhile, looking at tree buds and marmalade cats seem the perfect sort of things to be doing. I'm enjoying all of the cooking I'm doing, trying new things with watercolors, and, of course, weaving. Also preparing the backyard for some serious sitting and sketching. I am going to know my garden in a completely new way.

Stay safe and thank you for the work you do.

jacki long

Yes, I feel that too. I am an optimist as well, but there is a lingering darkness that I turn away from.
I had a wonderful Great Dane, Shogun, who would approach us when we were eating, hoping for a snack and when we said no, he would turn and lay down facing away from us.

Vicki in Michigan

I have stopped letting myself touch other people's dogs. I figure if I touch the dog, and then the dog's people touch the dog, it's just the same as if I touch the people.

It makes me sad to not be able to touch the dogs, but it seems like the correct way to behave, in the present situation.


Vicki: I hadn't considered that. hmmmm makes sense...


Linda: sitting and sketching in the garden sounds wonderful!


Jacki: Shogun sounds like a GREAT dog :-)


I too wonder about the other shoe dropping. I always come back to believing in science so when I become uncertain of things I put my faith in the researchers.


Emie: I am with you in believing what our scientists/researchers/epidemiologists are forecasting.

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