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Debbie Metti

Hey Carol~ Thank you and your fellow healthcare providers for all you do. Please be safe. xo


Carol, To You and your band of health professionals and your support teams-
Thank You for your dedication and self sacrifice.
Sending all of you around the world love and gratitude.


Thank you so very much for your dedication. I know it means the world to those you care for. Healthcare workers are one of my heroes right now... along with first responders, those who deal with food and household necessities,and many others I'm sure I'm forgetting.

Chris oliveira

Thanks for what you do Carol. Sending all my best wishes that you and Chris remain healthy. Xo

Linda Watson

You take care, Carol, as I'm sure you do.


Thanks to each of you for your well wishes. It's a different world in healthcare today than it was last week.

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