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jacki long

Perfect indeed. Once, over 25 years ago, I saw a tiny house where someone had painted on the whole side of the house, I love you Darlene. It left the observer to make up their own story to fit the situation. The house has since been repainted, but I still remember.


Jacki - now I am wondering about Darlene. an apology? proposal? farewell? simple declaration? Excellent!


Almost everyone in my area curses the grey squirrel, imported ages ago from USA! They come to raid our garden of sunflower seeds which I put out for the birds. But I have to question this dislike: it's all Life, after all. Why do we hate them so much, except that they 'steal' the stuff we want the goldfinches and blackbirds to eat? A reason could be that they take birds' eggs but that is their nature. I don't know what to think. All I know is, they are extremely clever little creatures. A nursing mother squirrel comes to our garden. All the best to her!

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