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Thank you!


Thank You Carol!!! Your thoughtful messages benefit the way I live my life. Things are changing, and yes, sometimes things change on a daily basis. Being flexible at a moments notice isn't easy but I know as a society we can do it together. We really never know what we can do until we challenge ourselves.
BTW.. I'm going to flip through your archives today to reintroduce myself with the info on medical directives you shared. THANK YOU!

Chris Oliveira

Those of us sheltering at home are feeling isolated, bored, and frightened. But all of this pales in comparison to what you and other hospital workers are experiencing and what patients and their families are going through. Staying home is the least we can do. Thank you so much for what you do, and to all those who are on the front lines of this. Medical practices will change, and I believe our lives will all be changed in many profound ways. Be safe Carol.

Barbara Tarbox

Today i viewed the message from Queen Elizabeth delivered to her country and the world.
It was thoughtful, hopeful, eloquent and comforting.
It was encouraging to me in so many ways.
Your posts too, I look forward to because they convey the same qualities. In addition
They remind us all that while the situation is grave, we must consider “the lillies of the field,’
Turn your head and lift your eyes to the magic present in nature, New life bursting forth even in the inevitability of death. Be restored and renewed, and thankful.
I am thankful for those like yourself and Mary Ann, who call our attention to the beauty of ordinary but extraordinary present all around us.

Look around and be restored and renewed by the gifts of nature. Allow yourself to
see the hope spring brings with it, life bursting forth even in the inevitability of death.

Linda Watson

This put me in tears. Bless you for the work you do, and the openness to all you do. From the relative safety of my home, I am so grateful for all of you on the frontlines and the caring professionalism you embody. God bless you.

Carolyn Dietrich

Thank you for all you do to help those you care for. I pray daily for all of you in health care to be safe.

Vicki in Michigan

Thanks to you, and to all of your co-workers, for all you are doing to keep all of us as well as possible. Your efforts/care/time/energy/love are greatly appreciated.


Barbara: I thought the message from Queen Elizabeth was wonderful. You summed it up perfectly "eloquent and comforting". The world needs more smart, level headed, women in positions of leadership.


Thank every single one of you for all your good wishes. I surround myself in them like "armor".


Thank you, Carol, for all that you are doing to care for those who have to go through all of this sick AND alone. Thank you for being at the front of this, and for thinking of new ways to manage and be safe and keep your patients safe, while also trying to keep their families informed.

We are staying home, unless we need to go out. I stitched together two masks by hand this weekend so that we can do our part to keep our community safe when we do go out. We are taking this seriously and thanking everyone we encounter who is out working to keep the rest of us in basic necessities and services.

Thank you, again.

Terri W.

Thank YOU!

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