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I think your red robin is a reminder of good things to come... new life and all.

Janet Ghio

I love seeing the robin in her nest on your front door.

nanci stone

what a lovely distraction, to follow the robin and nature doing what it does best.

Linda Watson

What a gift she is.


Birds are good medicine :-)

Vicki in Michigan

I have had many little robins fledge from nests in my yard. The only predator I've been aware of was the crow who found one of the nests. :-(

I haven't done anything, except the one time I found a way-too-young baby on the ground (eyes still closed, hardly any feathers). I picked it up and put it back in the nest with its two siblings, and all three of them survived to leave the nest when they were ready.

(I would have stopped that crow, taking the eggs, had I been able to think of a way to do so. Sigh.)

I think discouraging the neighbor cats from visiting your front yard would be all the help you could give. Unless it gets really dry during "feeding the babies" season. Then I might leave a hose on "trickle" so the ground was wet, to encourage bugs and worms so the robins can get them.


Thanks Vicki!

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