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jacki long

A sweet moment indeed.

Janet Ghio

Thank you for the update in your part of the state. Columbia,MO where I live has done well-we have had a total of 97 cases here but some of those cases may be attributed to other towns near Columbia as we have the large University medical center here Our mayor very smartly issued social distancing-stay at home orders early and even before our governor. Stay well and thanks for all you do and for sharing your experiences.

Linda Watson

It's those moments that make this real to me, as I'm quite isolated in my stay-at-home and I get lost in the numbers. Thank you. (hand over my heart)


Thank you so much. It's amazing to me how far a little kindness goes. I can't even begin to comprehend how one ICU nurse is doing the work of 4-5 nurses. How in the world they're doing it is beyond me. No wonder we're hearing about medical staff going full shifts+ without eating or using the bathroom. I keep asking myself... "how did we ever get here?"

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