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Sacred Spaces can be anywhere we want them to be but I think nature is an extra special place to find them.
I'm glad you found a coffee spot that's working for you. In times such as this I'm finding great joy in small things. I had an April Fool's joke played on me... I found 3 pink plastic flamingos in my front yard one morning (I'm in FL)... thing is they were there on 3/31 so I didn't think too much about it being a joke... just a sweet gesture. It was my sis and she gets numbers mixed up so she thought it was 4/1. It was a nice surprise. Thank you also!!!


Those tulips and magnolias! No coffee shops in walking distance here but one in each of my grocery stores, so I buy a coffee at each and take one home for the next day.


Leslie and Emie: the blackjack coffee house is what I am calling my own kitchen with my own excellent coffee pot and my front porch and dining room table seating areas. :-)

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