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Nancy Brill

Thanks for the information. I'm 84, in good health and have self-isolated for the past four weeks. I'm reasonably confident that I won't get the virus, but it would be stupid to not make preparations for the possibility. I've been thinking about this for a couple of weeks; in the end, death is unavoidable and I see no reason to attempt to prolong my life by artificial means. I'll be making this plain to my family in the next few days, thanks for the nudge to take care of it sooner rather than later.
I much enjoy your blog, lived in Ozawkie for a year or so twenty years ago, I still miss Lawrence. Stay well, take care

Sharron Carleton

Very much appreciate this clarification of choices, xox


Thanks for sharing ths document, Carol. I really like how clear and direct it is and the section on values. Have you seen the op-ed in the NY Times on this topic? It was published on April 4, "What You Should Know Before You Need a Ventilator."

Chris Oliveira

Thank you - we found this chart very helpful. It was also helpful to have straightforward information about the percentage of people who survive after being placed on a ventilator if they have Covid 19.

Jennifer Pfanmiller

This....thank you.

Vicki in Michigan

Thank you.


Thanks, Carol. As always, your straightforward approach and information are much appreciated. Stay safe! We here in small town California are self-isolating and sheltering in place, with a vengeance. Stay safe!


Thank you Carol. Very informative. The information you share is invaluable.


Thank you, Carol. Yes, it freaks me out, but yes im glad to have this info. Blessings!


Thanks everyone for letting me know this was helpful to you.


Hi Carol, I check in on your blog occasionally and am always thankful for your insight. As someone who has a serious illness, I struggled for many years to put into writing what I wanted at the end of my life. Your insight and mater-of-fact way of speaking about such topics really helped me define what I wanted and face the questions I had been avoiding. This post is no different. Thank you.


Donda: I am always glad to help people understand how important this is, and just what's at stake. Thanks for your comment.

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