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Jennifer Pfanmiller


Michelle Weatherson


Becky H

Again, Amen. And thank you and your fellow healthcare providers for your selfless and tireless service. Many of us will be worshiping from home and offering prayers for your courage and strength and prayers for wisdom for those who clearly need it.

Susan Bjerke

The best! Thanks so much for writing it out loud. There are some amazingly silly, nay, stupid folks out there.

jacki long

Agree, totally.


With you 100%. People who willfully do the wrong thing but then expect to be bailed out of the consequences are selfish and grossly inconsiderate.


Sending love and gratitude to you and your fellow professionals. I can’t imagine what people are thinking,


I absolutely agree with you! If people choose to attend services during this time, they should self quarantine & use thoughts & prayers.
Thank you for what you and your fellow healthcare providers are doing.



Chris oliveira


Linda Watson



Beautifully written. The lack of common sense and concern for others astounds me.


So grateful for your response to this. I saw this problem on national news and my heart broke for all of you in Kansas who work so hard to do the right thing.It is one thing to risk your own health and safety for others but when politicians choose ignorance and greed over saving lives, something is profoundly wrong with them. And it makes all your jobs that much more difficult Your work and your VOICE are so desperately needed. Thank you, Carol.

Sharron Carleton

Rant on sister, this is shameful legislation...


Keep ranting, Carol. You, more than most, are in a position to say what you see.

Vicki in Michigan

With you all the way. If they want religion over science, let them keep to that path and not endanger others.

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