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Amy in Texas

Looks so tasty! Enjoy those berries that were hiding in the freezer.

Janet Ghio

Our farmers market in Columbia MO is open with an early hour for seniors and also curbside pick up. Each Thursday i get an email listing vendors who will be there and I can order ahead if I want to. Its a great service but of course just not the same with not being able to look at the bins and tables of beautiful vegetables and flowers.


I been using this recipe since you first posted it. I've made it many, many times and I think it's the cornmeal that makes it so special because it adds a wonderful texture. Freezing berries is such a great idea... so much better than the ones that are commercially frozen. It's a great way to stretch out the best that summer offers.


Oh, and BTW, I see that the Supreme Court in Kansas upheld the Governors Executive Order. Two thumbs up.

jacki long

Looks delicious, can almost smell it from SoCal.


Jacki: I am going to have to freeze some so I don't eat it ALL this week!

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