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jacki long

Owen knows a good one when he sees her. ;o)


Kids are just too funny... not in a ha ha way but more of an intriguing sort of way. Their minds are so pure and honest. I find they also are often satisfied with simple explanations, that is until they learn the word "why".


Where we live in Cornwall, people always greet on walks. Now they're waving from a distance and being friendlier than ever. Let's hope that community feeling stays long after You Know What.

4 yr olds - aren't they at a lovely age? I wrote down the funny things my son said from the time he starting speaking. Still have the notebook.

Bet that little Owen keeps cycling past to see you. I would!

Linda Watson

The absolutely wonderful everyday things that continue, right in the midst of all of this other stuff, are an ongoing amazement and joy. Thank you for sharing some that I might have missed.

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