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jacki long

God bless you all.


Wonderful stories! Thank you for sharing.

Janet Ghio

Thank you Carol for sharing your experiences and for caring,


Thank you for this post, Carol.

Vicki in Michigan

Thank you for all you do to help people, Carol.

Here, there, and everywhere. Your work, your spirit, and your sharing are much appreciated.

Debbie J

Thanks for sharing your stories. Please stay well.

Susan Bjerke

Thank you!


Thanks for all your comments. I share these stories because I think it is important to document on a small scale the HUGE impact this virus is having on people. It's hard to look sometimes because looking at it is hard. It's much harder when you see the faces and not just numbers.


Thanks Carol. Just simply, Thank You!

Leslie J. Moran

We are all so lucky to have you Carol. Thank you.

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