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Chris O

I love King too!

jeanette sclar

Perhaps it's time to give Mr. King another chance. Ages ago, a friend at work offered to loan me a book on tape of one of King's works (this WAS a long time ago: I'd never tried books on tape). I plugged in after work and took my dog out for our daily walk. It was November. It was already getting quite dark, especially when we got to the park. I don't recall which book it was, but it was Stephen King. Stephen King scary. And there I was, in the dark, in the park, with a dog so socialized he would happily wag his tail at my attacker. I never listened to another word. And never read one either!
I will try to read one in the safety of my home in broad daylight.


Jeanette: the thought of you out with the dog, in the dark, scared out of your wits, made me laugh out loud. I am a terrible person. Ask my sisters. I always laugh at the most inappropriate times.

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