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Susan Bjerke

Thank you again...and again...and again!

jacki long

Thank you Carol, and to the many brave souls helping.

Chris O

This is all so much closer to hone for you than it has been for me. I have been home, safe and sound. You have been through so much. In MA, things are improving....so far. I hope things get better soon there too.

Barbara Tarbox

I read your moving, empathetic posting and don’t find your response to the question
that different than my own would have been.
This pandemic has proven to be beyond our capability to first imagine and now while
living in the midst of it, wrap our heads around how best to deal with it.
As a medical professional, dealing daily with the reality, you have answered with a
practical approach.
It must be more than a challenge to give palliative care to the patients, under these circumstances.
But over and above that, your concern regarding the families and their importance to
making this time of grief and comfort must somehow be honored.
The long term action as to how to address this pandemic is being addressed by those
whose job it is is to find answers. Answers that we hope will be affective and we
pray a vaccine. In the meantime, try to remember the grace and humanity must
be given.

But over and above that, families of these patients who should be
able to aid in that care, must somehow be allowed to give what they can and should
Be able to contribute.
Carol, I admire your courage to continue to serve your patients, to comfort the families
and to fill an important role in their perhaps final days, thank you.

Vicki in Michigan

Thank you for speaking truth. Your patients are better off because you and your team are on THEIR team. [tears]

One thing that would help would be leadership at the top that takes this disease seriously, models proper behavior (MASK UP), and who would lead strong policy from the top to do what the science indicates.


I am working persistently on getting out the vote for better results from the 9/3/20 election.


Agree with all that you have said. We whisked his 94 year old mother out of a rehabilitation hospital after the first positive case showed up. Sometimes I think people are not only selfish and stupid, but that they just don’t care. She is at home in hospice. We still mask up constantly. We are lucky that we found a caregiver for 20 hours a week who is wonderful. But it is incredibly hard being a hardcore safety freak. I have to remind Him to wash his hands....again. I retired from Hopkins so I hear my friends horror stories. I try to be diligent. I don’t want to get beat up for yelling at people to mask up. I feel for you. Day after day. Continue to be the practical person. We all need that right now.

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