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Hi Carol, you have such a great eye for colour! I love the final photo with the leaves against the woodwork. I like to imagine a story too behind the facades of houses. I wonder what the person who plaits their daffodils could be like.......? (Sorry, very UK English- braids). Love this post!

jacki long

You have such a talent for taking us along, and we enjoy what you see. I love your blog.

Amy Fuller

Finding beauty in the every day...thanks for sharing with us.


Jan: I wondered if they might be from the UK too. I hope someday when I walk by the person who lives there is sitting on the porch so I can engage them in conversation.


I love the braided jonquil stems. I used to do a quick tie up of the stems when I lived in England but braiding! oh my this is talent!


You do live in the coolest town, I adore how you see it.

Vicki in Michigan

Thanks for taking us along! I need to sit on that wishing bench for a few minutes....

Someday you might like to meet my grandma's Royal Doulton little miss. She's on a shelf in my living room, with a mourning dove egg in a small blue egg cup. :-) (Egg discovered alone in an empty rain gutter, not stolen from nest!)

ps -- we have discovered we can have milk delivered to the house, just like olden times. (Also butter, and ice cream!) We have a cooler on our front step. Just in case the milk-delivery person stops by. Wouldn't want our ice cream to sit out and melt! Especially as our dairy makes the very best vanilla ice cream EVER. :-)

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