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Old saying: a little is good, more is better, and too much is just right.
I'm ordering those for next year!


Carol - Thanks for all your wisdom, inspiration and occasional laughs! This year for the first time ever I have zinnias in my garden - and love them. My seeds are from Botanical Interests and I have Peppermint Stick, California Giants and Envy (because of your green ones). Tomorrow we are headed to the beautiful Oregon coast for a 4 day camping trip - it's high 80*s here and mid-60* there and there are low tides - my husband likes to rake cockles. I'm and taking a zinnia bouquet for the camper, along with my art journaling supplies and a Rosamunde Pilcher book. We'll do lots of beach combing, some bicycling, and seafood eating. Also bringing home tuna to can . Thanks also for the recipes (I've tried and shared many) and the book recommendations!

Vicki in Michigan

I love zinnias. You have chosen an excellent combination. :-)


Brenda - flowers for the camper and a rosamunde pitcher book + art supplies = a guaranteed contented time. I want to go back to the Oregon coast. I have NEVER heard of anyone "canning" their own tuna! that sounds interesting. I am going to look it up. XOXOXO. carol


Leslie: I love that saying. It could be dangerous :) but I still love it. Carol


Vicki: thank you! carol

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