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I have a memory of watching that Mr. Chicken movie at a drive-in with my family (I was probably 9) and being so scared I had to hide in the back of the station wagon! Glad you are keeping the classics alive.

jacki long

Thank goodness, a life without Don Knotts would be pale. I still grab an Andy Griffith show once in a while. Nice, feel-good fare to balance almost everything else.

Amy in Texas

Love The Ghost and Mr. Chicken! Nobody could shake scared like Don Knotts.

jeanette sclar

I can't believe you know who Don Knotts and Laurel and Hardy are!
I tried to listen to the Lemony Snickett 1st book on tape, and it was so scary I had to stop! But the trailer was so much nicer...it's on my list. Thank you!


"shake like Don Knotts" !!!!!! you nailed it Amy!

Jeannette: the children are so lovely in the Lemony Snicket movie! you will not be too scared.

Jacki: I am with you on the Andy Griffith re-runs. Always love one that features Aunt Bea or the Darling family.

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