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Janet G

I have a question about ironing masks--why is this necessary-I've washed ours and while they don't look nearly as nice, it seems they still fit okay---Also just a comment we have seen a dramatic jump in cases since U of MO opened a couple of weeks ago. Columbia had a mask order for most of the summer and the virus was "manageable" and was declining but the University opened and our numbers are soaring! Large gatherings of partying students who think they are invincible!


Janet: I don't know that it's necessary, but a nice hot iron = extra germ killing, in my mind. Sounds like Columbia is having the same experience as Lawrence with the return of students to campus. The other problem is that contact tracing is so difficult with big groups of people, who really don't even know each other.

jeanette sclar

A host of blessing be heaped upon you! I am so glad to hear that your hospital provides "relief" for those working in such stressful situations. Your advice is welcome!


Thank you for your posts on COVID. A sane prospective. When I stood in the check out line the other day a woman in front of me said, "The virus is all a big hype against Trump." If only the virus knew that.


Thanks Jeanette!


Christine: I am torn between wishing that everyone who thinks the virus is a "hoax" will get it, and hoping that they don't. I hate to admit that, but it's true.

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