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jacki long

Thank you Carol for another day of specialness from your like, I thank you for sharing.
I am sharing both of your charts in my blog oon Monday, I will credit you and Hope Gaston from San Diego. Thank you both.

Nancy Brill

Thank you, that's a wonderful idea. Quite awhile back you spoke of a book about dying, I don't remember the title nor author, just that it was one you liked and recommended. Can you, with those slight clues, let me know what it was?
The nursing home in the next town had 27 new cases in the last few (4-5) days so I'm going back into lockdown.
My best wishes to you, I'm sure you are a great comfort to all those you work with, thank you for your service.


Dear Nancy: ahhh ... I am not certain what book you are speaking of. It depends on what aspect of dying you are wanting to read about. "Being Mortal" was very good as was "Can we talk about something more Pleasant" - One of the most instructive books about death for people with an illness or their family is "A handbook for Mortals". This is by no means a complete list. But you can start by looking those up and see if they are what you want.


Carol... thanks for the sharing these resources. I have bookmarked them for future reference. I truly appreciate hearing "news" coming from you since you are in the midst of all of this. We recently came to our FL place from Upstate NY and the difference in peoples behaviors are like night and day. In NY we rarely saw anyone without a mask... in FL we see about half of the people wearing masks. We spoke with a Walmart employee (which has a mask mandate)... there's no way for them to enforce it. We'll be changing our own behaviors to account for being in FL.

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