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Susan Bjerke

There are those of us who would refuse ICU and ventilators. I just learned of a judge who opted for hospice because he learned that even if he survived the vent, he would have months in a nursing home. I really feel bad for those of you facing this catastrophe on the front lines. I do wish that people had listened.
May your sanity be safe and your health be protected!


I pray it doesn't come to that but I see it is a real possibility. I'm a retired RN and I don't know a single medical person who would want to be on that committee. I am hyper vigilant in my behaviors and I'm concerned for those who refuse to believe in science. I've come from a state where everyone wears masks to one that's the complete opposite. I know people who were hospitalized for the virus, recovered and still think it's a hoax. It's like we're living in an alternate universe. I'm glad to have an Advanced Directive... thank you for the suggestion quite a while back before all this craziness.

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