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jacki long

Your house always looks so homey, with flowers, seasonal decorations,knitting-in progress, yummy recipes. I think you might be lucky I am not a neighbor.


Your wreath is beautiful in it's simplicity. Just the perfect amount of color to make it pop. Jiffy Mix has always been my go to... I like the bit of sweetness it has. The rest of my family like the Martha White Mix.... it's not as sweet. The consensus with everyone though is always use a pre-heated cast iron pan with butter melted to the point of a bit of sizzle. THEN, the batter goes in. It gives that nice browned crunchy outside with the perfectly done inside... the best of both worlds. I was the lucky recipient of grandmas cast iron skillet... it's the perfect size for 1 box Jiffy Mix and I still use it to this day. Of course grandma was a scratch baker and never used a recipe for cornbread or biscuits.


Thanks Emie and Jacki!
Emie I am with you on the cast iron skillet and making sure it's hot when you pour the batter in! I like to add chopped up jalapeƱos to mine as well.

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