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Anne Williams

Christmas in Connecticut is a very enjoyable movie!


Have you ever seen The Cheaters? It is on Turner Classics this week--I believe on Wednesday. It's a wonderful old Christmas movie--about a rich (or maybe not so rich) family that learns the true meaning of the holiday. From the late 30s or maybe early 40s. One of my favorites--rarely shown.

robin walsh

Christmas movie suggestions: It Happened on Fifth Avenue or Holiday Affair. Two very underrated holiday movies, IMHO....


Blizzard (2004)is a strangely under-known seasonal + magical lovely. Brenda Blethyn, Christopher Plummer and Whoopi Goldberg as voice of the Reindeer. It's on Ama... Prime, in U.S. - I checked for you.
x x x J


Anne: LOVE Christmas in Connecticut!
Sharon: going to look up The Cheaters right now!
Robin: Thank YOU - its been a while since I have seen either of those!
Jaihn: BLIZZARD :-) on amazon PRIME never heard of it but going to watch for sure.
Thanks you all so much xoxoxoxox

Michele Perrin

Jimmy Stewart's "It's a Wonderful Life" - not an obscure one, but always a must-see for me at this time of year (especially so this year). Available this month on Amazon Prime. BTW, have you seen this link: Best Movies on Netflix right now? They update it each month:


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