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Stuffing vs dressing first off... I can never figure out what means what. I've always went with stuffing is dressing made to stuff a turkey and dressing if you bake it in a separate pan? But, this year on The Rachael Ray show she made "stuffing balls". She formed and baked her dressing into meatball shapes and baked them that way. For us, we love those crusty brown bits so this is a fabulous idea. I've also done it in muffin tins but the balls were better. Plus, as Rachael Ray says, "Its just fun to say the word balls".

jeanette sclar

I am a strict adherent to the 3-days-maximum-for re-use-of-ANY-leftovers, please post again soon, so I can stop worrying that you've been poisoned. :-)


I am still mixing leftover cranberry sauce into my morning oatmeal.


Faith: I did miss not getting any of my sister-in-laws cranberries for that very purpose this year. I bought a can of cranberries - cause that's what we had when we were kids - sliced. It doesn't seem like it would be great on oatmeal.... but then again....

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