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Susan Bjerke

I'm sorry and thank you. Hard work.

jacki long

Bless you, Carol, and all your front-line help, being a proxy for the necessarily distant family. Surely God and his children appreciate you.


Thank you for being present. This is truly God's work you're doing. I hope my BIL had someone just like you by his side when he was in need.

Janet Ghio

Oh Carol-this post made me cry-so many lives lost-so many people sick-thank you for your care and compassion.

Chris Oliveira

Thank you, Carol. May you be richly blessed for your kindness. This is a lot of sadness for one little heart to hold.


So important, so heart rending... xox

Sharon Johnson

This breaks my heart. You and all of the other health care workers have such loving souls.

Vicki in Michigan

Thank you for your work. What a hard, hard job, done with care and attention and love.

I am doing my best to help your sister and brother nurses here, by masking and distancing and staying home, so I won't add to their burdens.

I hope more and more people will begin to behave more responsibly, now that we have adult leadership setting good examples (and making good rules).


Carol... it's the PERSONAL stories that make a difference. Numbers are just that but putting a face to the problem affects us in a more visceral way. Please continue with these stories... they make a DIFFERENCE.

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