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Oh, Carol... thank you so much for including a link to this "WONDERFUL article". I'm still processing it but it moved me in a way I'm not sure I can even put into words. Thank you for sharing.


Echoing Emma's comment. Wonderful article... What a beautiful story of friendship. Thank you.


Carol, thank you so much for the Ann Patchett link. It was the exact antidote I needed to everything else swirling around.


Emie: so glad you liked it 😄

Jacki long

Thanks so much to you andnDottie for the link, I plan to share it.

Carolyn Dietrich

The article by Ann Patchett was a joy to read. I was so afraid it would end with her death. I was relieved to find out it didn't. I have a great friend who I was paired up with through Love Notes - you sign up and are assigned someone to write to for three Sunday's in a row. You finish a phrase and send it. One of the several times I did that, Joette and I clicked and we have been writing to each other for several years and have become fast friends. We have never met but I know her so well as does she me.


Carolyn: that is a lovely thing... especially in a pandemic.

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