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Thank you dear Carol for your service. I have come to the conclusion that trying to convince anyone of anything is futile. It NEVER works and it's a waste of energy.

Chris Oliveira

I am glad you are duly vaccinated! You bet I will get one as soon as I can.


I am so glad you had no significant side effects and are no vaccinated! This is wonderful news. My husband had his first dose with minor side effects. I am anxious for the rest of us to qualify.

I always enjoy your missives. I am so frustrated by the bizarre responses so many people in our country are choosing. My child’s school has reopened against all common sense. We’ve elected for her to stay on Zoom only but we are a tiny minority. The first full week of in person half her grade had to quarantine after a child tested positive. I guess I just want you to know that I deeply appreciate your perspectives as a knowledgeable and skilled medical professional (I love smart nurses) and as a thinking, caring person. So any time you want to dispense practical advice on food, flowers, art, books, or pandemics, I am here for it.


Giving healthcare/essential workers priority with the vaccine is imperative. Period. I'm glad to see your state is doing it's job. I'm currently in FL. The vaccination program here has been organized poorly. A friend who was admitted to a hospital associated to University of FL asked the nurses if they had gotten vaccinated and they actually laughed but not in a funny way. The hospital has no program to vaccinate their own employees, and yes, even those working on Covid units. This is hearsay and I don't have any hard facts to back me up. What I do know is the vaccine was released to anyone over 65 (people outside of FL were booking vaccine vacations) and there was NO mention of putting healthcare/essential workers as a priority, which makes me ANGRY. People I know have gotten the first dose with a follow appointment for their 2nd dose and others have appointments for their first dose. Over the weekend ALL of those people were contacted and told ALL upcoming appointments are cancelled/postponed, no other explanation given. I did some Google sleuthing but couldn't find anything about why this was happening. I'm anxious to hear the local news this morning but I suspect an inept administration at the state level to be the culprit. I'll end my rant here... there's a lot more to say but I've reached my limit to this brain dump.

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