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jacki long

OIshi! I felt the weight gain as I devoured the great photos!

Amy in Texas

Hubby and I have been on a scone kick lately. These look so yummy--adding to the rotation. Thanks!


Amy, it is my pleasure to pass on a great recipe.
Jacki, I eat mine really slowly... to make them last a good long time. I think they have less calories that way too.


I'm curious to know how you get the right amount of butter for this without weighing it. First the butter sounds soft (tablespoons) then hard (cubes). I am pleased to say that I have a set of cup measures (bought in France, oddly enough) so that I can follow American recipes. Is your butter in a tub perhaps? I have seen US recipes asking for sticks of butter too.
This just shows how our shared language can be a bit foreign!


Ahh Chrissy! I have been perplexed by recipes before from England and France! but in the US a stick of butter is exactly 8 tablespoons and each tablespoon is marked on the wrapper so you can cut to just the number you need. Butter for this recipe must be very cold. We never scoop a tablespoon from a tub but rather cut the stick according to the wrapper. I will definitely take a photo to send you!

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