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jacki long

Another lovely blog.
Satisfies my anticipation, every time.


Fresh flowers are magic... especially brightly colored ones.

Janet Ghio

My friends and I played war by the hours when we were kids. We played in the screened in porch mostly on those long hot summer days--and a double war was the best!


Your new deck of cards look smooth & lovely. My husband and I enjoy playing
Five Crowns, for which you need a special deck, every night after dinner.
He was in the Air Force in Europe and was TDY at many bases installing electronic equipment. At a hotel where his team stayed in Spain, the restaurant bar tender would hold an orange up face high and peel it in one go without breaking the peel. Then he sliced it as you did and sprinkle on a bit of powdered sugar. So entertaining and good.


Oh Brenda!!!! I love how this comment calls to mind the hotel in Spain and the bartender. We lived in Spain for 4 years when we were kids and I love how this makes me think of that too. The “connection” is felt strongly. I will have to google
5 Crowns. Thank you for adding to this story with your comment.

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