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Debbie J

Wow, Great video. I love the colors, especially the pink reflecting on the sand. Thanks so much for sharing. 😍


Lovely post and a beautiful sunrise. I'm up early to see almost every sunrise but the one's we have aren't any where neat the beauty of what you shared.
I can't wait for you to visit your Farmer's Market. These post have become my favorite ones.

Pam Michael

Love this. Which beach was this from? Thank you for sharing, I watched it on this rainy Saturday

Chris Oliveira



Pam: this was butterfly beach. My favorite beaches are all the Bates Road beach up from Rincon point, butterfly beach, Hendrys beach (also called Arroyo Burro), Miramar, Carpinteria state beach... they are all pretty especially at daybreak and sunset. I don't like going in the middle of the day. A good tip is to check the tide tables before you plan your trip. If you can go when there are going to be low tides in the morning for great walking that is golden.

jacki long

Hallelujah!!Looking forward to it. Your video was gorgeous!

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