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jacki long

Agreed! I love your farmers market visits!


Not to preempt your interview but I have seen on Facebook that the rainbow strings are made by a local woman and sold to raise money for charity. She accepts donated plastic lids so I've been saving some for her. And I bought a pot of succulents the week before to give to our granddaughter for her birthday. Perfect gift!

Vicki in Michigan

I like those strings of lids. I may start keeping mine so I can make one.....

Cool how that orange-cast guy has a matching scooter-thingie, and note that the older couple also has orange in their ensemble, too. Always a good idea. :-)

We sometimes have cultivated mushrooms at our market, but I've never seen morels. I would totally have gotten some. And asparagus, too. There was rhubarb at our market on Saturday, but no asparagus yet.

Carolyn L Dietrich

Thank you for taking me to the farmers market. I enjoy every visit!

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