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Dianne King

So envious, as we head into chilly Autumn Down Under. Keep those beautiful tulip and fresh veggies posts coming...they keep me going until we can head for California again, hopefully by July/August, if Australia opens its borders to international travel by then. I'd love some real, hot, dry summer about now!


Such a fine bunch, your people, there. Somehow the masked faces are deeply expressive of the warmth you clearly encourage, to share far + wide. (I'm waving from England.)
Baklava + Tulips are two of my Favourite Things. Together = a Heavenly combo.
Thank you.
x x x

Chris Oliveira

Ah! Now it feels like spring is really here!

Vicki in Michigan

Hooray for farmers' markets!

We went yesterday. Our purchases overlapped yours only on the honey dimension. Unless we are allowed to count the kale in the kale/quinoa tabouleh we bought at the food coop less than one block from the farmers' market?


jacki long

Hallelujah again! Just wonderful!

Susie Capella

These photos make me want to hop in my car (I live in Illinois) and head to Lawrence just to experience your Farmers Market! Maybe someday!


Susie: Lawrence is a fun town to visit, or just continue to dream about visiting.

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