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oh, my, Carol!!! Her work exquisite!!! I've signed up for her email list and I can only hope to purchase something from her. Thank you for sharing.

Pam Michael

I love this cup! I also have signed up for her email list and hope to purchase in the next round. I love coffee cups.


It is good to know that I am not alone in my ongoing love affair with cups/mugs.

Carolyn Dietrich

The cup is stunning. And I love what the sender wrote on the outside of the shipping box. I can imagine hearing and experiencing warm memories of the sea each time you drink from it. Thanks for sharing.

jeanette sclar

over the top???? not even close! I am now a subscriber to A's email list and eagerly await her next sale. Absolutely perfect! thanks for the tip.


Jeanette: it is my absolute pleasure. I still owe you for those poppy seeds! the marvelous gift that keeps right on GIVING.

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