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jacki long

py, happy 40th Anniversary, it seems to me, your life together is your gift. I love your life together.

Gill Thomas

Congratulations! The same generation as you two, we celebrated our 40th last year as well and reading about how many memories are prompted by your three ring binder reminds me how important such things are. Our son's wedding is on Saturday and I will be sure to capture every moment so that in forty years time, they will also be able to look back and remember.
Much love to you both as you celebrate happy times!!


Happy anniversary! Love the photos. Look at Chris's hair!

Amy in Texas

Happy anniversary to you both!

Vicki in Michigan

Chris seems to have lost the 'stache, somewhere along the line, but otherwise, yep, just the same. :-)

Happy Anniversary.

My advice is tape the list of who has/gets the plaque, and when, on the back of the plaque. :-)


Happy 40th Anniversary!!! The plaque is such a wonderful idea... a cherished heirloom to be passed around is a treasure. Is there a 50th plaque also? If so, you and Chris will in possession of both plaques for 1 year... that is VERY special!!!


Happy anniversary! My hubby and I will celebrate 37 years in October. That is such a great tradition to pass around the plaque among family members.

Chris & Carol

Thanks you ALL for the well wishes!

Carolyn Dietrich

Congratulations on 40 years of marriage! Love that their is a family plague passed to each couple when they are married 40 years. What a tribute to marriage and to those of you who made it to 40 years!

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