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Vicki in Michigan

I don't think I've ever made a garment that I found satisfying, in the end. Maybe back when I was in jr. high? Maybe I loved at least one of those dresses?

Seems to me they never turned out as I had hoped. Fit always off, for one thing. Too tight here, baggy there.

May your new top work excellently for you.

ps -- love that patriotism vs humanity poster!


I wish you luck with your perfectly light tank top. Strongly agree that I can't find one that isn't clingy. if it turns out will you share the pattern? And also strongly agree that that strawberry pretzel pie looks delicious!


Sally I will absolutely report back and include the pattern details.


Vicki: I have made a few things that I have liked and worn quite a bit. I would say I have about a 50/50 track record :-) that goes for sewing AND knitting.

Amy in Texas

Do you have a recipe/link for the blueberry cake? I'm a sucker for anything blueberry.


Amy: I just added a link in the post to the recipe... I can't count the times I have made it since that first post back in 2013. GOOD Stuff!

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