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Debbie J

Oh yes! I remember this song fondly.

Becky Haynes

Yesssss….bell bottom jeans, long hair parted down the middle, and loose-sleeved gauzy shirts. We had style!


Those pajamas rock!! Their prints are pretty special. Makes me think of the 50's but fresh and updated for today... which is as their name says.

Chris Oliveira

Who could forget those days? 🌺🌸🌼🎸❤️

jacki long

Yes, yes. It is on my play list still. I love it when it comes up. Thanks for sharing.


Definitely an old Hippie here. Peace and love!

Claire Kiehle

So much happening while I was nursing my broken ankle! Love this song still. Is it sad that it is on one of my Spotify playlists???


I wasn't hitting the clubs in '73, but heard this song plenty growing up in the 70s and 80s. Those pajamas look amazing! xo


I love the pajamas so much I am going to ask them if they will do another custom combo for me! Perfect for the summer.

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