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Susan Maxwell Bjerke

Thank you.

jacki long

I so appreciate your views and stories about the times we will all face. And you do it in such a kind and caring way. I would say your patients are lucky and could very logically say "I love you". Thank you, Carol.


Thank you.

Amy in Texas

Thank you for sharing this beautiful event.

Michelle A

I wish the likes of you and yours worked in every hospital! I've saved so many of these posts in my "directive" file and I've quoted you in conversation. Thank you. xo

Janelle Mulvenon

Thank you for posting this powerful and insightful message. Janelle


Thanks to all who commented. If you or someone you love is ever in the hospital and seriously ill, I hope you will ask to have palliative care come and visit. It's not our job to tell anyone what to do, but rather to listen and present options for how people can proceed - based on their values and what they are hoping for. It can take a lot of pressure off families who may be trying to figure it all out for themselves. It's also easier to have a stranger facilitate a hard conversation...

Terri W.

Thank you for this.

Sheryl Schaffer

In some cultures bougainvillea is a welcoming sign and in others, the symbolic meaning is "peace." I think, Carol, that peace is what you and his family brought to this gentleman. Thanks for sharing.

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