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Susan Maxwell Bjerke

I suggested to my dental hygienist, who told me she had had lymphoma 5 years ago and was afraid to get the vaccine,that I hadn't seen people die from the vaccine, but did know folks who died from the disease. I'm so sad that people won't get their vaccinations. I didn't threaten..but I did cajole.


So many unnecessary illnesses and death because people are too stubborn to get vaccinated-at this point IMO its just selfish not to do so.

Vicki in Michigan

Thank you for continuing to share what can be an uncomfortable truth. Vaccines save lives.

Chris Oliveira

So sad that it has become a political statement to get the vaccine or not.


This is a good reminder, thank you Carol. I encourage vaccines to anyone who is open to listening. There are still a lot of myths circulating and educating people is priority #1. One particular friend of child bearing age believes the Covid vaccine settles in the ovaries affecting fertility. What does one do when education is ineffective?


Emie: I have not found anything to be helpful with individuals who are firmly rooted in their beliefs and refuse to get vaccinated. "covid vaccine settling in the ovaries" is a new one to me.

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