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jacki longj

Not sure, but I am salivating here in SoCal!


I wonder if it could be used in the place of rhubarb? That would be my first inclination. My sister has a rhubarb pie recipe that's not like a regular pie. I'm not sure if you remember but years ago I sent you a recipe book I put together of my grandma's recipes... Bootie's Cookin'. The recipe is on page 33. If you don't have the book any more and would like the recipe I can take a photo and put it on my IG account.


Good thought Emie... of course I have Bootie's cookbook!


😁 😁 😁

Sarah S

Maybe added some ginger? I've been adding ginger to a lot of things lately. My daughter and her boyfriend have been making a lot of syrups for craft cocktail-making and I know they throw in ginger every so often.


Susan: I just made a cocktail with vodka, ginger liqueur, sand hill plum syrup and a squeeze of lemon. Thanks for the ginger suggestion! It’s perfect!

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