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Thank you for everything you do to take care of people. And for your candid statements about how it's all making you feel. It's hard to avoid those comments on social media, isn't it.

Becky H.

I appreciate your thoughtful and heartfelt observations and am so thankful to you and the many health care providers who give loving and non-judgmental care to many in need of good care…for whatever reason. I am abject over the endless politization of the world’s public health. I am not certain that I would be able to do that. But I am also thankful for the beauty and restoration we find in nature. Keep on keeping on.

jacki longj

Thank you carol, I like to hear your views. And, thank you for all you do.


Mary, Becky, and Jacki: thank you for reading.

Sharron Carleton

The bottom line is the need to ‘ speak up to protect the most vulnerable…’ xoxo thank you

Karen Schumacher

I honor and thank you, Carol.
From your biggest fan in northern California


Thank you Carol. Even though we are an ocean apart, your descriptions are equally apt and could apply just as well here. I appreciate your observations and the "insider view" very much indeed. As Becky said, keep on keeping on. Please. And thank you again x


I appreciate you! Your blog and the photographs that illustrate it is a balm to my soul. You are someone who works daily with so much suffering, and yet you tease out the beauty of the mundane. Love to you and yours.

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